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Nothing compares to the extraordinary beauty of a diamond. How we see a diamond is a very individual experience; our eyes will respond differently to the same stone. Much has been written about the 4cs; carat weight, colour, cut and clarity. Mark believes that cut is the most important characteristic, because a superbly cut diamond will ensure the sparkle and brilliance of the stone will captivate for a lifetime.

Coloured diamonds

The rarest and most expensive are red and blue coloured diamonds, closely followed by pink diamonds, which are found in greater numbers in Australia. Naturally, the choice of a coloured diamond will require a greater investment than the equivalent in white diamonds, however there’s no greater expression of beauty and prestige.

The sapphire

The most celebrated sapphire is the blue sapphire, however sapphires are also found in a range of colours including pink, green and yellow. Mark will help you choose a sapphire with intense colour and clarity, the qualities most sought after.

The Emerald

Long considered one of the most beautiful and most valuable of all gemstones. With a diamond ring you will be most concerned with clarity; with an emerald ring the primary interest will be colour.

The Ruby

Second only to the diamond in hardness, the rich red of the ruby was revered as the king of gemstones in many cultures. Treasured and coveted throughout history, the strenght and durability of the ruby make it perfect to wear every day.

Other precious gemstones

From agate to zircon, Mark will be delighted to help you explore the almost endless possibilities when selecting precious gems for your engagement and wedding rings.

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