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Precious Metals

A choice of precious metals



Requiring a significant investment, this eternal metal is typically 95% pure making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. With a rich, lustrous tone, platinum will never fade or change colour making it the optimal setting for a stunning diamond as it will never reflect colour into your stone. An everlasting precious metal, the perfect symbol of your enduring love.


White gold

A beautiful and very popular metal, white gold is an alloy of pure gold and other metals, which may include silver and palladium. Your diamond engagement or wedding ring can be designed using 18ct, 14ct and 9ct white gold, depending on budget.


Yellow gold

For those who love tradition, nothing compares to yellow gold. Mark prefers to work with the purity and strength of 18ct gold, however the choice remains yours. The depth and warmth of colour will vary according to purity, with 14ct and 9ct less rich than 18ct. The softness of 24ct gold often requires that it be alloyed to enhance the durability and strength.


Rose gold

An alloy of gold and copper, rose gold radiates a warm glow that flatters your skin tone and creates a dramatic contrast to the brilliance of bright, white diamonds.



A popular choice for a man’s wedding band because titanium is the hardest metal on earth, yet so light in weight. It’s ideal for the man with an outdoor or very physical job. Because titanium is such a hard metal, it can only be produced by machine and our selection of titanium rings are ready made in a selection of elegant, contemporary designs.


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Mokume Gane

A recent trend in wedding bands, based on an ancient Japanese method of fusing and layering contrasting coloured precious metals to ultimately create a wood grain effect on the surface. Each pattern created is different, so yours will be totally unique.